Andrei CACIO { web developer }

I am a JavaScript Developer at Moqups and a proud contributor to the Cluj JavaScripters community. My main flavour is JavaScript. I am a strong believer in clean code and writing lines of working product. I worked on all kinds of web applications, from small to large. In my spare time I like to work on some of my open source pet projects and I also enjoy giving the occasional tech talk.

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Open source

Learning WebAssembly
A simple memory managemnt example in Rust & C compiled into WASM.
minimalistic, productivity driven git terminal interface based on nodegit and blessedjs
universal, framework agnostic, transport layer
a ready to go boilerplate for ESnext and React applications
flux implementation using RxJS 5

Talks and presentations

2018 - Demystifying WebAssembly and how to get started - Speaker at Codecamp Cluj on 24th of November [slides]
2018 - WebAssembly for JavaScript Developers - JSHeroes Meetup Cluj on 16th of October [notes]
2018 - Joyful unit testing with Jest - Speaker at Codecamp Cluj on 17th of March
2017 - Anatomy of ES Modules - Speaker at Codecamp Cluj on 11th November & held a Clu[JS]ers meetup on the subject
2016 - Host of the Webpack workshop organized by the awesome Clu[JS]ers community
2016 - Speaker at the Hello.js conference and meetup Google <3 SPAs
I wanted to underline the evolution of SEO and how it impacted single page applications
2015 - Introducing Ironwingjs
Abstract transport layer
2013 - Introducing Meteorjs
A short intro about the Meteor js framework